The FLUCOP consortium is coordinated and managed to create the appropriate governance structure, to maintain overall communication within the consortium and with IMI, to set up and to manage financial accounting records and reporting mechanisms, to establish an information protection process for intellectual property created during the project, to assess and mitigate any potential or identified risks to the project. It is ensuring compliance and scientific and technological quality of results and the effective use of resources.

The FLUCOP governance is a multi-layered structure composed of:

This robust management structure is supporting rapid and flexible decision processes and driving forward the successful activities of the project.

Consortium Assembly

The Consortium Assembly is including at least one representative from each consortium member, and meet once a year.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of the Coordinator, Martina Ochs (Sanofi) that replaced Patricia Londono-Hayes (Sanofi) from June 2021, Managing Entity Coordinator, Donata Medaglini (SVA)Scientific Coordinator, Emanuele Montomoli (UNISI) and WP leaders and co-leaders (see below) as well as a representative of IMI as observer (non-voting) member. The primary function of the Steering Committee is reviewing and acting on any significant issues involving the scope or budget of the project.

External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) is the consultant body for the management of the consortium aimed at providing crucial recommendations before critical decisions are taken by the SC. The EAB will also assist in the annual monitoring of the project and help to avoid/solve conflicts between participants The EAB is nominated by the Steering Committee. EAB members are outstanding scientists with relevant experience in assays for assessment of influenza vaccines immunity, standardisation, immunology, including representatives of regulatory institutions.

Coordinating Team

The Coordination Team will be composed of the Project Coordinator, Managing Entity Coordinator and Scientific Coordinator. The Coordinating Team primary function is the development and implementation of the project plan and delivery of outcomes, risk management plans as well as with governance of FLUCOP.