26-27 April 2016: Outcome of FLUCOP Annual Meeting

One year has passed since 22 partners, ranging from academia over European agencies to industry, initiated the FLUCOP project with the aim of advancing influenza vaccine development by standardising and developing assays for assessment of influenza vaccine correlates of protection.

One year on is a good time-point to reconsider where we are and where we want to go.  This reflection fittingly took place in a historic cloister near Siena (see impressions), with about 50 consortium members contributing via discussions and presentations to the FLUCOP annual meeting 2016.

Striving towards one objective allowed a a trustful working relationship to be build between partners with such diverse backgrounds.  Protocols and materials have already been freely exchanged, and critical parameters for standardised assays defined.  With all theoretical and preliminary work in place the consortium is now looking forward to starting the first pilot studies in the coming weeks.  Please stay tuned for the first experimental results.