University of Siena (UNISI)

Emanuele Montomoli is the Scientific Coordinator of the Innovative Medicines Initiative’s European FLUCOP project and Professor of Public Health in the Department of Molecular Medicine at University of Siena in Italy. He received his BSc and MSc in Life Sciences from University of Siena in Italy in 1995 and he earned his MBiochem in 2001.

He is also Chief of Scientific Office of VisMederi srl, a private enterprise involved in management and serology of clinical trials and focussed studies on human viruses for pharmaceutical companies.

His research interests are primarily in the field of influenza vaccines, and in particular the study of correlates of protection. Emanuele is an expert in development, standardisation and validation of assays for antibody detection, and has conducted many clinical and laboratory research studies to evaluate immunogenicity and efficacy of traditional and new influenza vaccines. Emanuele has participated in protocols for development and evaluation of new molecules as adjuvants, and has also undertaken planning and execution of European seroepidemiological studies for emerging infectious disease in collaboration with World Health Organization Regional Office and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (eCDC).

Over the years, he has authored/co-authored more than 50 scientific papers and reviews published in international journals with impact factors, and written several chapters in textbooks.